Contemporary Leadership-

Don’t act like a leader, be one


Numerous studies  suggest that poor leadership is a primary contributor to low productivity and employee disengagement. A recent study found that 69% of managers were generally uncomfortable communicating with employees. The risks associated with ineffective leadership can be detrimental.


Every leader needs to find his or her own authentic leadership style, but core skills are essential for any successful leadership.
These include:
– personal credibility and the ability to influence, lead and motivate people
– the ability to communicate with charm and honesty
– the emotional ability to manage diverse relationships and build effective teams
– the ability to anticipate change and act proactively in any given situation
I encourage leaders to find their own voice and show high levels of personal integrity, self-confidence and the courage to speak up when necessary.
I utilise artistic and performative practices that have been identified to be useful in business and helpful in reclaiming or expanding a sense of experimentation, playfulness and wonder. These mental states are essential for ongoing innovation, strategic renewal, creative cooperation and collaboration; and methods of communication that support such interaction.
This approach combines deep self-reflection with impactful, courageous action.


This two-day masterclass (it can also incorporate additional personal coaching) provides invaluable lessons about how to
• Transform old mental maps or paradigms to adopt a partnership approach that creates a shared sense of vision
• Listen to your team and emphasize win/win rather than adversarial win/lose approach.
• Step out of your comfort zone to see the bigger picture
• Focus on opportunities rather than problems
• Exploring the steps toward effective decision making

” Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.” ~Andy Stanley


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