Philosophical INquiry-

one to one 


“People are more likely to ask their own questions and seek their own excellence when they feel themselves to be grounded in their personal histories—their own stories, their lived lives, their ‘landscapes.”

— Maxine Greene

In a rapidly changing world that continuously raises our level of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for us, as individuals, to tap into our self-awareness to ensure that we can live through change in a positive and balanced way. 

Whatever role you play in life, self-mastery is the key to living a balanced life, in which you can readily think on your feet and adapt to whatever life may throw at you. More importantly you can do this in a way that is authentic and that holds true to the values that you hold most important.  




Philosophical inquiry  is a powerful dialogue and action-based experience that supports you in taking personalised steps:

  • To achieve your maximum potential 
  • To live fully, 
  • Become self-reflective and,
  • To create a more balanced approach to work and life. 

Many of the challenges we encounter in our private or work life require us to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Continuously improving the way we live is deeply important in order to maintain a strong sense of self when we face challenges and adversity.

I utilize systematic and intentional drama/theatre processes to expand the more imaginative, intuitive and expressive dimensions of leading a balanced life. These processes help to refine creative skills, critical and divergent thinking and to foster new ideas. I apply the latest approaches in dramatherapy, neuroscience, transformative and generative practice to develop:

  • Presence
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Self expression and strong communication skills.


Philosophical enquiry will allow you to explore and play with

  • The depth of your understanding about yourself within the context of your lived experiences 
  • Various methods for generating or recognising ideas
  • Ways of turning old/new ideas into actions for change that creates a pathway to self-mastery
  • Ways of creating a balanced approach to life (personal and professional) through recognising patterns of thoughts and behaviours that can lead you away from reaching your full potential
  • How well you know yourself and how you can reach a deeper level of self-awareness in order to be the authors and producers of your own stories 
  • Identifying ways of eliminating barriers to creativity
  • Bringing creativity and innovation into your private life 
  • Managing creativity and innovation in an organisational context.

I recommend a minimum participation of two sessions a month for a minimum of 3 months, however for deep, lasting change, clients benefit from working with me for 6-9 months.

Philosophical enquiry is:

  • Ideal for individuals who aspire to gain self mastery
  • For those who are willing to do the demanding work of understanding and engaging with their own difficult dynamics, 
  • Beneficial to those who wish to be open to the greater possibilities for themselves, others, and the world.