Adult Learning – tips and tricks



Facilitating adult learning groups can be a challenge and nothing is more painful to be on the other side: a boring and dull group facilitation.


Working well with others in team’s enables people to achieve things they never could achieve on their own. For this to happen, the workplace needs to establish an inclusive environment that values creative cooperation and collaboration.
This workshops increases the team’s ability to play, thus building a tolerance for greater proximity in the work encounter. It will help build methods of communication that support such interaction and will decrease fear over instability and uncertainty.
Valuing difference allows each person to contribute their unique experiences to the workplace. Diversity means accepting each individual’s differences, embracing their strengths and providing opportunities for all staff to achieve their full potential. This can impact positively on, not only internal activities and relationships, but the experiences of customers and other stakeholders as well.
The content is rigorous, practical and yet delivered in playful ways, as I believe learning is more effective when it is fun and when people are emotionally engaged. I utilise powerful techniques drawn from the performing arts and other creative modalities to provide unique, transformative experiences which allow you to connect on a deeper professional level.


This workshop can be tailored to the needs of the company (two hours, half day or full day) and will help to:
* build strong open teams
* improve interpersonal relationships
* increase authenticity and honesty
* encourage spontaneity and creativity
* develop trust