I appreciate her quick wit; the ability to see deeper than the obvious; natural honesty; robust integrity; and vitally, her understanding of the value of play.


To grow as a practitioner and within myself, I needed someone who would shoot straight from the hip and not just feed my words back to me, I also knew that I needed someone who would not let me get away with anything; someone who didn’t mince words about issues within the business and how they were intertwined with my own “stuff”; someone who would be both firm and kind.


I don’t know exactly what you would call what we do. I do know that it has not been easy, nor has it always been fun, but it has always been real. Layers have been unearthed and others tidied up and packed away for now. I have enormous respect for Russya’s skill set.

Peter R.

Excellent information – you gave us the essential differences to make things more efficienct. Thank you! Wonderful, interactive and therapeutic.

Dr. Janet Halpin

I recently participated in eight Personal Development Drama Therapy sessions run by Dr Connor. These gave me the opportunity to explore psychological issues in a safe and creative environment. I appreciated many opportunities for my mind and my words to take a backseat. My body communicated with me and with other participants and I learned a lot about myself in this process. I appreciated the freedom to participate at whatever level I chose and I enjoyed Dr Connor’s intuitive and improvisational approach.. I strongly recommend this series of workshops for people who are interested in taking creative risks to gain deeper self understanding.

Dr. Doro Ritter-Rohr

The success of course is based on an excellent programme as well as on the professional leadership of Dr. Connor. The members came out of various professional areas and had different theoretical knowledge and various competences. Mrs Connor, with great commitment, has been successful in integrating all members and created a strong sense of motivation amongst participants.Thank you very much for this experience.

Leah van Lieshout AThR

Attended by psychologists, art therapists, social workers and counsellors Russya’s experiential, interactive teaching and exploring is excellent.